Blonde Inventions

Blonde Inventions

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Read Blonde Inventions from the story The Book Of Blonde Jokes by 4bribri99 (Brianna M. Hebert) with 8,179 reads. penny, cars, black. Blonde Inventions 1. The

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Thank you for visiting our great funny blonde jokes archive. This site is dedicated only to blonde jokes, and has already over two hundred jokes.

Blonde Inventions . Some Inventions are simply better left uninvented: Left handed pencil. Clear correction fluid. Black highlighter. Waterproof tea bags

Jan 10, 2008 · Wanna’ see the “Top Blonde Inventions”? And we thought blondes weren’t smart, here’s a list of some great things from blonde inventors: Black

Comedy Central Jokes – – Q: What invention did a blonde come up with that didn’t pass the patent board? A: Ejection seats in helicopters.

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Solar powered torch. Non existant. 3) Submarine screen door. Response to dumb blonde inventions 2008-03-24 22:26:48 Reply. 13. Fish scuba gear. homor homor.

Very Helpful Blonde Inventions. Previous Next. Ice Cube Mix Tricycle Kickstand Solar Flashlight Dehydrated Water Fire Proof Matches Reversible Sandwich Bread

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Top Ten Blonde Inventions Joke. Back to: Blonde Archive Jokes. 1) The water-proof towel 2) Solar powered flashlight 3) Submarine screen door 4) A book on how to read

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